Barclays to Set Up IT Center in Vilnius Lithuania

According to "Barcleys" press release "Barclays plc aims to set up a new IT center in Vilnius at the end of summer.
The bank will plow some EUR 49.27 million into the center, which will render services to the bank or its group. The center will be opened in August or September. Initially the center will employ about 100 local and foreign experts, and the workforce will grow to 250-300 by the end of 2010.
If the negotiations end successfully and the parties, as planned, sign an agreement in June, Barclays will oblige to ensure high wages for the center's staff and employ at least 200 people.
The UK bank will provide training for employees, while Lithuania's annual contribution will total some LTL 1-2 million, which will be channeled from the resources of the European Union's Structural Funds."


  1. I can't find this officially on Barclays site ?

  2. Not all press releases are there :)

  3. it wont be a bank-its only one of barclays cheap "warehouses" as they will use cheaper working power-same thing as many british firms use india as "call centers".
    so this is nothing to do with actual bank. No!! Barclays will not going to open branches in Lithuania!

  4. there is possibility in the future to open branches :P

  5. So, can u said is theare any cash machine in this barclays IT centre ?!?!?!


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