Google Android rapid growth on mobile advertising

Last March 12 manufacturers were responsible for 34 Android devices though only two, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic comprised 96% of total traffic. This year, that 96% was shared between 11 devices. The Motorola Druid has the most traffic, at 32%.

What does it mean for advertisers or Apple?

AdMob stats show:
"Android ad traffic in the U.S. was 46% in March of this year versus iPhone's 32%.

Android's ad traffic has grown 32% per month, rising from 72 million requests in March of last year to two billion last month. "

Although the fact that advertisers in the U.S. have elected to put more ads on Android than iPhone is a good indicator as to the desirability of that platform, Apple is still ahead of Google overall.

  • Apple indicated that the company had sold 8.75 million iPhones in that three-month period. 
  • Android sold seven million in the whole of last year. 
You can download full report here

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