How does Google do at SEO for

How does Google do at SEO for

Google does: it is one of the most linked domains on the web (during 2008).

Interesting facts:

Google doesn't have any team members that works on SEO things ;-)
And Google optimizes for the user experience.

Funny thing is that In the SEO report CArd:
1) search result presentation
2) URLs and redirects
3)On-page optimizations

Many google products missed basics ;) Like no right meta tags, LOTS of duplicate content, like all working examples of Google books without redirects.

Title tags - without real simple product name.

One great rule you must know - product logo, should link to the RIGHT page. Most of the google pages doesn't have it either.
BAD example - Google mobile adds logo, linked to the 404 error page :)

Here is a video straight from Google to you:

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