Online is a real threat for DVDs and Blu ray

Recent stats from "Experian simmons" shows huge online growth in video. Which takes more and more DVD rental users.:
"Online streaming video and downloading technology enables instant gratification, which is something that U.S. consumers seem to relish to the fullest. For the past year and a half, online video streaming and downloading activity has been on a continuous rise, with 31% more U.S. adults today watching streaming video online and 30% more U.S. adults downloading movies online."

We also can see the decrease of 14% in the number of adults who rented DVD/Blu Ray disks through a retail store, we can safely say that consumers are embracing online video in rapidly increasing numbers.

Since the end of September 2008 until now, the percent of American adults downloading video to their mobile phones has increased by a relative 385%.

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