Lithuania at Eurovision song contest. Why Inculto didn't win?

I missed Euro vision song contest show on tv, so I tried to capture the sense from the twitter comments, here they are:

"don't ask me about lithuania in Eurovision 'cuz i'm gonna cry. it's really sad. they had to be in the final!"
"I don't get why Lithuania didn't get in the finale"
"I wish Lithuania had made it through. My Sunday night is incomplete without boys in sequinned hot pants."
"Lithuania were truly robbed"
"it is a crime against music that lithuania didn't get through"
"Was hoping to watch it unspoilt tonight, but MIL told me the winner. With that, and the LITHUANIA OUTRAGE, I am saying NO to #eurovision."
"lithuania better win eurovision next year with another troll song lol I WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN"
"Very disappointed Lithuania didn't get through. I liked their sparkly shorts."
" lithuania was awesome, but europe sucks and they didnt get through."

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