Visa Launches Mobile Payments for iPhone without NFC

Visa payWave is a new payment feature that lets you check out faster since you don’t need to fumble for cash. With Visa payWave, you simply wave your Visa card in front of a secure reader, and you're on your way. Most of the time, a signature is not required for purchases under $25, plus, you retain control of the card during the transaction, which reduces the risk of fraud.

Visa already released a similar technology in Malaysia and Japan

Last year, for example, the company teamed up with Nokia and Maybank, a leading financial institution in Malaysia, to offer Visa payWave on mobile devices. But at the time, the company claimed that several barriers to U.S. adoption still remained, many of which had to due with the limited adoption of NFC-enabled devices and terminals here in the U.S. (NFC, or near field communications, is a wireless communication technology that enables data exchanges between devices. The technology is popular overseas in Europe and Asia, but has yet to catch on with any real gusto in North America. PayWave uses NFC for mobile transactions.)

Apparently, Visa has found a workaround for the lack of NFC phones by embedding the computer chip needed into specially designed iPhone cases instead.

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